Earth Day

Date : 5th March 2016

On the occasion of ‘Earth Day” which took place on April 22nd 2016, UPAC employees joined hands in planting 85 flowering plants and trees in the garden adjacent to the Discovery Mall in Kuwait City. Planting trees in this garden aimed at creating awareness about the environment and providing additional green spaces for the families to enjoy with their children when visiting the Discovery Mall. As a responsible company operating in Kuwait, UPAC always aims at reducing its environmental impact and increasing its efforts in promoting various CSR activities.

Recycling Week

Date: 17th-21st April 2016

In April 2016, UPAC organised the “Recycling Week” activity where UPAC employees had to gather all type of recyclable material such as (but not limited to) plastic, paper, metals, and rubber items from their homes, offices and public working areas such as the Kuwait International Airport counters and drop them at dedicated containers placed within the company.

UPAC had agreed with the “Kuwait Waste Collection and Recycling Co.” to collect the material from UPAC office on April 21st. During the “Recycling Week” UPAC had recycled 240 Kg of different material. “Kuwait Waste Collection and Recycling Co.” thanked UPAC for its continuous efforts in shedding light on the importance of recycling. The activity aimed at increasing awareness among all employees about the importance of saving the environment by using less non-recyclable material.


Carpooling Week

Date: 24th-28th April 2016

In order to increase its efforts in reducing traffic and cutting carbon dioxide emissions, UPAC launched the “carpooling” concept among its employees. The “carpooling” activity helped increase awareness about the importance of sharing one’s vehicle while commuting to work in order to reduce air pollution and have a cleaner environment.

UPAC supports environmental awareness on Earth Day

Date : 22nd April 2017

UPAC marked Earth Day 2017 by hosting a range of environmentally friendly activities at the Discovery Mall in Kuwait City. The event, which was hosted on April 22nd, focused on the screening of various Earth Day related documentaries covering topics such as environmental preservation, water conservation and the importance of agriculture. The screenings were accompanied by the distribution of 146 small plants amongst the event participants in order to re plant in their own gardens with the aim being to support environmental awareness and preservation.

This year’s Earth Day activities make up a part of a wider range of social responsibility initiatives supported by UPAC and dedicated solely to the environment. . Over the past three months UPAC participated in an environmental recycling program aimed at reducing plastic waste and to date has collected approximately 3,000 plastic bottles for safe disposal. UPAC has pledged to continue working with various environmentally friendly organizations in order to further its commitment and support of the environment.