Annual National Festival (Habibti Ya Kuwait)

Date : February 13, 2015

This event aimed at energizing the young Kuwaitis who are largely concerned with highlighting their national identity through a national festival. The primary aim was to identify the Kuwaiti national identity and Kuwaiti heritage and history.

World Day for Autism

Date: 16 April 2015.

UPAC participated in the “World Day for Autism” event which was coordinated with the Sowaedna voluntary group. The campaign which held the slogan "unites us to unite" invited all people to work together in order to raise awareness about the rights of the patients diagnosed with Autism within the Kuwaiti society.

Kids Reading Activity

Date : 12 Feb 2015

The event was coordinated with the British Council and HSBC Bank in Kuwait. The event aimed at celebrating the international children’s book day to motivate the children and youth to read more frequently.

Loyac Program Support

UPAC participated in the Loyac program as a Bronze Sponsor contributing with KD 5,000 for 1 year effective from Sept. 2015 until August 2016.

Loyac is an organization that runs programs to facilitate the professional development and personal growth for youth between the ages of 6 – 28 years in Kuwait and the gulf region. The organization provides opportunities for personal growth and for developing professional skills through on-the-job training and internships, both of which seek to build self-confidence and understanding on how to achieve stated objectives.

Donate Blood – Save Life Campaign

Date: 30th April 2016

This blood donation activity was organized with the Kuwait Central Blood Bank. The activity which was held at the Discovery Mall Child Development Centre was attended by the UPAC team, Discovery Mall investors and the mall visitors.

Raising funds to feed the underprivileged

Date : During Ramadan Month

During the month of Ramadan, 15 employees from UPAC raised funds to provide Iftar meals for the underprivileged individuals in Kuwait. The amount raised was matched by UPAC and given to the Kuwait Charity Zakat house (Bait Al-Zakat). Zakat House organized the meal distribution.

Global Education Drive – Help make a difference

Date: 24th-28th April 2016

UPAC has supported a variety of charity programs that aim to further benefit education at different levels. As a continuation of its effort, UPAC has partnered with Agility to support the “2016 Global Education Drive – Help Make a Difference” project which is a humble attempt from UPAC to support those less fortunate students by providing them with the opportunity to gain access to a basic level of education.

UPAC Donates Medical Supplies to NBK Children Hospital for Hematology & Oncology

Date : February 12, 2017

UPAC donated specialized medical gowns and child-friendly medical hand wash dispensers to the NBK Children Hospital for Hematology & Oncology. The donated gowns and dispensers benefited an estimated 150 children. The gowns were fashioned with colourful prints and shapes, an intentional contrast to the usual medical white. Bright colours in pediatric wards have been shown to create a more welcoming environment for patients, particularly children who may feel psychosocial stress as a result of the treatment.

The gowns were also practically designed to allow medical teams to provide medical care to the children in more comfortable procedure. Meanwhile, the child-friendly hand wash dispensers were posted throughout the hospital, dispensing liquid soap to help promote cleanliness concept within children in the hospital. The dispensers met international health and safety regulations.

UPAC Organizes Blood Donation Campaign in Kuwait In Collaboration with the Kuwait Central Bank

Date : April 18, 2017

UPAC organized a blood donation campaign that saw 17 bags of blood, amounting to 8.5 litres, donated to the Kuwait Central Blood Bank. The initiative called “Blood is Life” took place over four hours in the Discovery Mall in Kuwait City at the beginning of the month, and was open to all mall visitors. UPAC employees and investors attended and donated blood in support of the Kuwait Central Blood Bank and the society. In Kuwait, there is a need for hundreds of blood donations every day, and demand is growing. Donating blood contributes to helping those in need of immediate transfusions following an accident, as well as restoring the health of patients recovering from illnesses. Anyone in good health between the age of 18 and 60 can donate blood, regardless of blood type.


UPAC Supports KRCS’s “Give Them A Chance” Campaign

Date : October 1, 2017

In continuation of its socially responsible efforts, UPAC joined forces with the Kuwait Red Crescent Society (KRCS) in their campaign “Give Them A Chance,” that aimed at raising funds to financially support underprivileged families in Kuwait to cover their children’s basic educational needs.

UPAC presented its cheque to KRCS where the company matched the donated amount collected by its employees. Commenting on this initiative, Nadia Akil, CEO of UPAC said: “Education is an essential part for the growth and development of any society, whereby UPAC places great importance in investing in education since it plays a crucial role in laying the foundation for a skilled and educated workforce.

UPAC is proud of its employees who continue to engage such a positive way towards society and try to make a difference where it is most needed.”


UPAC Supports KRCS’s “Humanitarian Aid for Rohingya” Campaign

Date : January 18, 2018

UPAC has supported the Kuwait Red Crescent Society (KRCS) for its latest campaign “Humanitarian Aid for Rohingya.” The campaign raised funds to support the Rohingya refugees that require humanitarian and financial support to secure basic necessities such as food, water and healthcare. UPAC employees raised money, with the company matching the total amount raised.

Nadia Akil, CEO of UPAC said: “I am proud to see UPAC’s employees involved with important humanitarian issues occurring around the world. Thousands of Rohingya families have escaped extreme violence in Myanmar, the majority of which are women and children suffering unthinkable humanitarian and life threatening conditions. Being socially responsible is important for us, and we aim to continue supporting those in dire need of assistance.”

In 2017, UPAC had partnered with KRCS across the year supporting various campaigns that help those in need. Most recently UPAC had donated money to the “Humanitarian Aid for Rohingya” campaign which aimed at raising funds to financially support underprivileged families in Kuwait to cover their children’s basic educational needs.




UPAC Organizes National Day Event for Kuwait’s Orphanage

Date : February 14, 2018

United Projects for Aviation Services Company (UPAC), a leading commercial real estate and facilities management company, recently organized a trip to Discovery Center for orphan children, as part of its National Day celebration activities.

The 14 children, between 5 – 10 years of age, enjoyed several fun activities across the mall’s outlets, including Tarkeeb, Play, and Cozmo Kids. Accompanying the children were seven UPAC volunteers who spared no efforts to share the joy of the day. UPAC conducted the activity in coordination with the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor, who manage orphanages across the country. Discovery Center is one of UPAC’s managed properties, with a number of retail and entertainment outlets catered primarily to children.

Nadia Akil, Chief Executive Officer – UPAC, said: “It gives us great pleasure to help put a smile on children’s faces, and without a doubt this activity is only one small step in accomplishing that. I am personally grateful for the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor’s efforts in providing the necessary support for these children, and we are proud to take part in any way we can. We are strongly committed to giving back to Kuwait, because we believe in the importance of social responsibility and understand the role our company has in supporting society. We look forward to continuing this community program for years to come.”.